Raw Vegan, happy and I know it!


Peaches, spice and everything nice ^-^

*I'm Lilly (*v*)

*Interior designer*Graphic designer**Blondish*Obsessed with health and exercise/weight lifting/running*
*Madly, truly, deeply in love!*

From Bulgaria
Summer season in USA
Winter/Fall in Italy

Stay positive and smile!!! :)

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First time in Chipotle!!! I’m loving the sofritas 😍 (at Chipotle Mexican Grill)

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Detox morning πŸ™ This was just before I decided to try oatmeal after more than two years without it…. Let me say this, I AM NEVER GIVING UP RAW FOOD! Now I’m bloated, hungry and miserable 😭 Can’t I be allergic to one thing only?! (at Nectar Cafe and Juice Bar)

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Plans don’t go according to our desires most of the time but today will never come back for us to make better choices. Today will not start over so make the best out of it πŸ™ I am unwinding, getting pampered and just being grateful for all I have on this beautiful Earth πŸ’š Getting my toes shining with color called “When life gives you lemons” 😁

#love #peace #happiness #gratitude (at Avenue Apothecary & Spa)

Thank youu <3 I soak 2tbsp of chia with around 1/2 cup of water for 3min, then add mashed banana, 1tsp maca and I usually top it with berries :)) Yummmm! If I’m in chocolate mood I add a tbsp of raw cacao ;)

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We are all made of sugar 🌱 Carb up with this sugar baby at My Nature! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œ LOCAL.ORGANIC.RAW.KOMBUCHA from @realraworganics (at My Nature)

Hey Anna :) I used to come here on Work and Travel programs when I was a student and just in my last year of University I won the Green card lottery… I guess a lot of people see that as a good thing but once you get here and have to start your life all over again it just sucks. Easy things like getting an ID are absurdly hard, at least for me… AND I miss my family, and my friends, and my boy… It’s overwhelming…
I hope Australia treats you well! xxx

Why does everything have to be so hard?! I haven’t even started the real life…

Ready to say fuck it and be european again… Go back to my awesome ex-boyfriend/boss…

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Sitting in traffic… Let me take a selfie 😝

#vansapparel #beachtraffic #selieseason #lateforwork

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Life at the beach is nothing but fun πŸ„πŸ³πŸŒ΄
#surf #skate #behappy #enjoylife (at Lewes Deleware)

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First 4th of July as an American resident πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ No beer, just cider but still 😜 (at 45th Street Taphouse Bar & Grille)