Raw Vegan, happy and I know it!


Peaches, spice and everything nice ^-^

*I'm Lilly (*v*)

*Interior designer*Graphic designer**Blondish*Obsessed with health and exercise/weight lifting/running*
*Madly, truly, deeply in love!*

From Bulgaria
Summer season in USA
Winter/Fall in Italy

Stay positive and smile!!! :)

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Date lunch ❤️ #Vegan pizzas are the best!

#whatveganseat #veganpizza #hellyeah #vegansofig #plantbased #vegancouple (at And & Pizza)

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If this excites you… Welcome to the fantastic world of nerds 😎 Found this awesome #bookstore 10min before their closing time 😭😭😭 Well, it was 10min of “OMG!OMG!OMFG!” and squeaking 😄
#ifyouareanerdandyouknowitclapyourhands #books (at Second Story Books & Antiques - Dupont Circle)

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I have been so busy lately, trying to work on projects, refreshing my coding skills and taking an app development class this week too….The only food I’m making is for my boy so he doesn’t starve and so he could eat #healthy at work 😁 On that note #Quinoa-apple-pumpkin spice breakfast 👆👆👆 Made a big batch and we’ve been eating it for days! So good for your health and your taste buds :)))) I top mine with #bananas and #organic #vegan #chocolatesause !!! Yum!
Hope everyone gad a great weekend! We are headed to the farmers market 🍎🍏🍑🍇🍋🌽🍅🍠

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"Be the change you want to see in the world!" I remember reading that last year on one of the buildings in Florence as I was walking along the Arno. I believe it is faith that my most favorite paper #CRUSH by #FAVINI is made in Italy! And I just got all these absolutely amazing swatches and visual books in the mail today! 😁 Really exited to introduce CRUSH to my US clients!!!
Seriously, paper made with 100% Green energy, lowering it’s Carbon footprint with 20%!!! Produced from fruit & nuts! How much better can it get?! Oh, yeah they are GMO free too. Because details are important!

#paperobsession #graphicdesign #print #recycle #sustainabledesign #designmatters

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Just got a $20 gift card for Starbucks!!! I call my coffee brakes Anonymous Coffee Drinkers Meetings lol!

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This is what happens when you wake up in the afternoon after working till 5am - breakfast/lunch/late snack 😁 It was all prepared by my love while I was getting ready… I mean can life get better than this?

#plantbasedcouple #glutenfree #vegan #veganfoodshare #veganpancakes #pancakesalldayeveryday #carbup

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Midnight snacking 😋 My baby is trying to help me get some work done with chocolate smothering my waffle 😎

#guiltfree #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #glutenfree #veganchocolate #canIjustbebriliantalready

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Use my code uberLillyG to det $30 off your first ride! I didn’t pay more than that in LA/Beverly Hills and Uber cars are in a lot of other major locations too. So convenient!

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I ❤️ you LA! Taking the day off from all the sightseeing with Zelda Fitzgerald’s lovely life, taking me to another la-la-land 💋

#veganinla #vegansofig #fourseasonsla #lillygoestohollywood #veganfoodshare #fitzgerald (at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills)

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It’s so fluffy!!! 💖 I am obsessed with the minions but can’t wait for Harry Potter world!!! #nerdalert

#universalstudios #hollywood #minionmayhem #despicableme #minions #stillakid (at Despicable Me Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Hollywood)

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#lillygoestohollywood (at Dolby Theatre)

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Vegan in LA… Life is good 💚 (at Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles)