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*I'm Lilly (*v*)

*Interior designer*Graphic designer**Blondish*Obsessed with health and exercise/weight lifting/running*
*Madly, truly, deeply in love!*

From Bulgaria
Summer season in USA
Winter/Fall in Italy

Stay positive and smile!!! :)

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So I went to Rome yesterday with my school. I had a bag prepared of food but and some point you know people wanna sit down for lunch. So my friends did and I was going to go on a fountain to eat my veggies and be romantic and beyond. But what my friends did was amazing! They told the staff that I am raw vegan and I can NOT have anything on their menu and asked if I could eat MY food in the restaurant. Guess what nobody said no. I even got a big plate :)))
So this is me, in Rome, eating my raw vegan lunch (I added cherry tomatoes after the pic), drinking a free freshly squeezed juice. It was perfect!
When you are happy and kind you get the same in return!

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