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Alllrighty! Banana island/ 30 bananas a day/banana girl diet call it whatever you want, it’s life changing! It made a bigger difference for me than a juice fast. I was full of energy, didn’t need time to prepare meals, could eat anywhere, anytime and I was just full of happiness!!!
There is my total for bananas:
Started on Saturday with 18 bananas. Sunday- 22 bananas. Monday- don’t know how but I had 34 bananas! And Tuesday(last day)- 26 bananas :)
It was very easy and I ate as much as I wanted to!

Today I went on the scale and took the centimeter to see what are the results:

Between 57,5-58kg :) so that’s 1kg down!
Hips down with 3cm!!!
Waist… I really get confused what I measure here so I did three. At the line below my belly button I have lost a lot! It’s between 3 and 6 cm! 3cm in the tiniest part of my waist and 2 of my chest. Even my thighs are 1cm down!

I am just beyond excited! I haven’t liked my body when I’m in the gym ever and today I was checking myself out! lol!

This was a good experience! I would definitely do it for a day or two every once in a while :)))
Hugsss to everyoneeee!

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